HGIBO Scale 1/144 Hyakuri (CITADEL PAINT)!! by Izumeru

Hi everybody! Today i'm here to trying CITADEL PAINT on Gunpla!
I'm using 5 type of CITADEL PAINT

x2 Base color
x1 Layer color
x1 Dry color
x1 Shade color (Effect)

I'm Having fun using this! it's really effective on gunpla!
Looking forward to my next CITADEL PAINT maybe on gunpla or other toys!

At the end of the post, you can see my Hyakuri before hand paint.
And i'm not lining the kit at the 1st. 

At the process. The gold end up really bright, as you can see the picture.
But what i do to give some heavy effect, Using Citadel (Shade Nuln Oil) that
end up like oily effect! it's Awesome!!


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